Plan Review Services

Parish Inspections offers full plan review services checking all parameters. Plans from all states are welcome and reviews are completed quickly and efficiently. However, not all ICC building codes are the same and state adoptions of these codes are all different. As such Parish Inspections reviews the codes to provide the highest possible quality and efficiency upon review. Contact us today for more information and consultation or submit your plans online or by mail.

Submit a plan by mail

Dealing with paper plans is not a problem for Parish Inspections and is just as fast as reviewing digital plans without account for shipping times. Sending plans by mail is made easy with the provided forms and shipping instructions.


Submit a plan online

Submitting a plan online is the fastest and most efficient way to get your plans reviewed. Having a third party, like Parish Inspections, review your plans can save days and in some cases months rather than using municipal review processes

Government plan submittal

Government entities usually have larger volumes of plans that range in complexity and scale. Parish Inspections has the capacity to meet government requirements and time constraints. To learn more please contact us directly.

How the Process Works


Submit plans → plans are received and reviewed → corrections are recommended →completed review is returned and billed → plan review is ready to be turned in to local authority

By Mail:

Applicant completes provided forms → submit plans and forms → plans are received and reviewed → corrections are recommended → completed review is returned and billed → plan review is ready to be turned in to local authority


How long does a plan review take?

The average residential plan is completed within a weeks time and finalization depends on online or by mail options. Commercial plans range due to complexity and scale. 

How much does a review cost?

Review fees are calculated from building valuation for commercial projects and by square footage for residential projects. Parish Inspection's fees are the most competitively priced especially when compared to some government fee schedules. Fee schedule

Can I submit my plan review to a local jurisdiction?

Yes, third party plan reviews are usually much quicker than jurisdictions and provide addition feedback that would otherwise be unavailable.

How will I be billed?

Billing is sent directly after completion of the plan review to the information supplied by the applicant.

What code year will my plans be review under?

All plans are reviewed under the latest code year edition available. Codes by state